Liturgy and Music Designed For Children

A liturgy of Holy Communion designed to engage children; especially appropriate for children with special needs. The service is a lively combination of music, prayer, Bible stories, movement and Holy Communion. The essential message of God’s love is presented in a simplified, meaningful way that fosters inclusion and offers a Christian experience of love and acceptance.

How We Worship With Children

Our All God’s Children Service is 30 minutes with no need to sit still and keep quiet; we want the children to bring their whole selves, so we have a wide range of acceptable behaviors. We welcome Parent(s), guardians, aides, siblings, and relatives to celebrate with the kids, as well as participate in bible school or youth fellowship following the service. All participation in the Holy Eucharist and fellowship is voluntary, as each child/parent/guardian wishes. 

Our facilities are wheelchair accessible and Holy Communion with grape juice and gluten-free bread.

We Welcome All Children

“When my older two were toddlers I often felt my kids were interrupting the weekly service and struggled to keep going to Sunday mass, but when we launched All God's Children the stress and worry went away. My children can come to Jesus in their own way and I can relax and celebrate without the fear of them interrupting the mass. As a mom of four, All God’s Children is a wonderful way for my kids to find God's love and teachings. Our family loves this service and the whole Congregation.” ~ Cricket O'Neill

“I love watching the children singing and smiling. It is truly heartwarming!!" ~Shirley

“All God's Children is an exciting introduction to the Church. The cross parade is a moving, happy, parade with children carrying crosses and singing. The children have their own special service to learn what it means to an Episcopalian on their level. The children learn on Sunday the ethics and morals of being a good Christian on their level of understanding. The children and their parents and grandparents enjoy the service through the eyes of the children.”  ~ Fran James

“I can’t count the number of churches where my son and I weren’t welcomed.”
~Parent, attending these services at St. Andrew’s since its inception in 2010.

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