January 30, 2022 The Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany

. . . a prophet rejected in his own home town


January 30, 2022

The Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany

Paul Shackford, Officiant

Kate Duggan, Assistant

Jeremy Lyons, Lay Reader

Gwen Lyons, Prayers of the People

James Chiappini, Guest Pianist

Altar Guild

Lyn Fowler and Denise Hageman

Worship Team

Christine Barnhart, Barbara Djimopoulos, Pete Deubler,
Paul Shackford, Amy Szurly


Order of Service

(Documents to help you follow the service)

The Service

Online Book of Common Prayer

Weekly Bulletin

Prayers of the People


Join us for the 2022 Annual Meeting of St. Andrew’s Church.  Click on the link to the Zoom invitation you received in an email earlier this week, or on our website. The meeting will begin at 11:15 am.


To watch the livestream on YouTube

Service on YouTube

If, for any reason the YouTube streamline is not up by 10:15am, you can go to Facebook or watch the livestream here

Be sure to print out the Bulletin and Lessons ahead of time.



The next All God’s Children Service will be held on February 6, 2022. 



Please join us on Zoom for Coffee Hour today.

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