Setting up to Participate in Sunday’s Worship

Clicking on the White Arrow
will move the screen to News and Events

First Things First

In order to enjoy the service, you must be able to see the videos.  The video of Pastor Diane is up and can be played. (The Cathedral is stream at a specific time.)

Go to this week’s service page on the front page.  Go to the page and click on Pastor Diane’s video.  If it starts up with no problems, you can click it off and go on to the next step.

If instead of running, the screen is black with the turning circle, its struggling to load the video.  This generally means that the bandwidth may be low where your computer is located.  If your computer is a laptop, try taking it closer to where your modem/router is located to get a better signal.

How to set up your equipment for smooth viewing

We have a lot of resources on the Service page for you.  We’re suggesting that you fiddle with things ahead of time, so that you don’t have to do that while you’re participate in the service.  We recommend the use of two digital devices or two computer windows.

  1. You can use your computer and your tablet/smartphone
  2. You can use your tablet and smartphone
  3. You can use two independent windows on your computer

Computer and Tablet

Open your computer and go to the St. Andrew’s website.  In the News and Events Section, click on the post for today’s Service.  Move toward the image of Pastor Diane’s video.

Open your tablet’s interrnet browser. Follow the directions above, but position the page at “The Word of God”

Computer and Smartphone

You can do the same as above, or you can reverse the order if you find reading the lessons on a smartphone difficult.  In that case it would be:

Computer: Position page on The Word of God.
Smartphone: Position page horizontally with the image of Pastor Diane’s video.

Computer Alone

(Directions for firefox.  Depending on your computer and browser, the directoins might be slightly different.)

Go to the News and Events on the front page and place your cursor over the link to the Online Service page for the day.  Right click on the link and select “Open Link in a New Window” from the menu.

A new window will open up with the Online Service page showing.  This window will be in front of the front page.  Click on the little square in the title bar (on a MAC the yellow circle) and the page will reduce in size.


Click on the front page, which is visible again.  This time click directly on the link to the desired Online Service.  A second copy of the page will open.  Reduce the size of the window.

Now move the windows side by side, using the cursor at the sides and top/bottom edges to make the two windows the same size.  It should look something like this:

Move each window into the disired position for optimal use.  Here’s and example:

This image shows the two screens, the left located where Pastor Diane’s video is situated.  The right screen shows “The Word of God”.  Each window is operated separately.  On the day’s scripture readings, you can open and close the sections as you need them.

Although the above picture is of a computer with two windows, the same principal applies to the other device configurations that we presented at the top of the page.


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