Liturgy and Music in the Anglican Tradition

Our beautiful liturgy and music follow the Anglican tradition, structured around the Book of Common Prayer and the Hymnal. Our approach is casual and open. Under the big umbrella of the Episcopal Church, and especially at St. Andrew’s, there is no one, or right, way to do things or to approach God. You may participate at your own pace, without pressure.

Our services offer ample opportunities for adults and children to be involved as they wish: whether reading the lessons, serving as Eucharistic ministers and acolytes, singing, or performing on musical instruments.

Weekly Worship

We hold regular services throughout the year, but our schedule changes according to the time of the year.  Corresponding roughly to the academic year, our regular schedule goes from September through June.  (Each year’s actual start date for the seasons will be announced.)  The regular season commences with Celebration Sunday (which includes lunch after the service) when we welcome people back from the summer.

Fall through Spring

The Holy Eucharist
Every Sunday, 10:00 am

All God’s Children
First and third Sundays, 9:00 am

Morning Prayer
Offered occasionally in place of the Eucharist

Sunday School
Follows our all God's Children Service, on the First and third Sundays 

Summer Schedule

First and Third Sundays
All God’s Children, 9:00 am

Second and Fourth Sunday
Service at 9:00 am

Occasional and Seasonal

In addition to our regular Sunday schedule, we offer other occasional  services as well as services for the major seasons of the church calendar:  Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter.  These schedules are announced through our News[link] and Events[link] pages.

Contact St. Andrew's

We are eager to answer your questions and tell you more about the community at St. Andrew's.

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