4,000 Sets of Plastic Utensils assembled for Family Promise Dinners

This SUV truck is filled with 4,000 sets of diinner utensils
each set individually wrapped in a napkin.


Members and friends of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church answered the call of Family Promise to take boxes of plastic forks, knives and spoons and organize them into individual dinner sets wrapped in napkins to be put to service in Family Promise’s Walk-In Dinner.

The daily dinner happens at the Bergen County Housing, Health and Human Services Center in Hackensack and sponsored by Bergen  Family Promise and their volunteer partners who come from churches, civic organizations, and business groups. Bergen Family Promise has been hosting this dinner every day for almost three decades.  You can find out more about the Family Promise Walk-In dinner here

Serving at least 100 dinners a night, the 4,000 sets will get through quite a few nights of dinners.  Many thanks to the members and friends of St. Andrew’s who donated their time for this project.


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